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Prison Letters Beverly Hills


This is one of the most real and beautiful tribute to a family member, the much loved Nando.


-Elizabeth Navarro, Medical Field

I haven’t been able to put this book down, and that speaks volumes coming from a busysingle mama of two.


-Sunny Rey, Author of Quotes and Poems by a Nobody

This is the first book from a talented new writer. Vera’s tribute to Nando will give her family closure and allow his voice to be heard.


-Mark Weidhaas, Pilot for Red Eagles Formation Team, Business Owner, and Purdue University Graduate

In this age when a whole population has had to find themselves in a prison cell, these stories need to be shared.


-Jerry Waxler, Author of Memoir Revolution

Like Nando, I too was in Prison.  Praying we are both free now.


-Peyton Goddard, Author of I am Intelligent and Valedictorian at Cuyamaca College

This enjoyable new book, by Veracruz Sanchez, takes this ‘non-fiction novel’ concept and delves deeply into the lives, both good and bad, of two San Diego kids.   This was an excellent first effort by a new and gifted novelist.

-Frank Scoblete, Author of The Virgin Kiss and Other Adventures.

An absolute honest depiction of our current mental state, a necessary addition to Chicana Literature beyond the stories of mangos and piñatas…thank you Vera for having the courage to release these memories that honor us beyond the clichés.

-Dr. Rosi Escamilla, Writing and Literature Professor at San Diego City College and UCSD

These are real people, in real times, caught in real conflicts and celebrating rituals like real Chicanos, not just cardboard characters in a story.

-Joe Medina, English and Literature Professor at Grossmont College

Prison Letters shows the character and depth of the people, and it certainly gives a new perspective on Nando, one that is different than what most people associate with a young man in prison.

-Kevin Mellott, President of ERASE Enterprises

In one line of the book, Nando says ‘Maybe one day I might be able to inspire.’ He definitely inspired me in more than one way, and this book will do the same for you.

-Rudy Gonzales, San Diego Padres Organization and Author of Rebuilding Rudy

My hope is words such as hardship, redemption, mistakes, forgiveness, and change are taken to heart and given consideration to others.  There is more to every story. I hope minds are opened.

-Lisa Plavan, Dental Field

The writer made me feel like I had known this person all my life. Thanks for lifting my heart.


-Glenda Cain, President of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, La Mesa Post 282

Vera Sanchez hit a homerun with her first novel. She is a talented storyteller.

-Bea Guillen, Retired Educator

This book is clearly a tribute to a talented young man who at times, found himself whether by choice or circumstance, in an underdog position.  Nando’s letters have the ability to inspire many people.

- Milton Sanchez III, Principal, and Master's Degree at University of California San Diego

Vera is a role model for my 12 year old. She wants to be a writer!” -Felicia Patino, Spanish Teacher, Folklorico Ballet Dancer, and Master’s of Arts in Education at Cal State Bakersfield


-Felicia Patino, Spanish Teacher, Folklorico Ballet Dancer, and Master's of Arts in Education at Cal State Bakersfield

Nando’s letters reads as though he is co-author, keeping his spirit alive in our hearts.

-Bea Zamora, Educator, Organizer of the Cesar Chavez Committee, Azteca Dancer, and Master's Degree in Counseling at San Diego State University

I highly recommend to readers who have a loved one incarcerated.

-Jason Gigliotti, Head Wrestling Coach, Business Owner, and Menlo College Graduate

The author helps us understand that all families have flaws and weaknesses, but they can still be there to support, love, and share with one another.

-Peter Pedroza, Retired Educator

Vera has opened a window to my own life.  I can identify with what she has written.

-Donald Garcia, Navy Corpsman with 1st Marine Division

Prison Letters is a touching and heartwarming tribute to Nando and was a page-turner from beginning to end. The author does an excellent job keeping the reader wondering what will happen next.

-Tim Cornell, Business Owner and University of Minnesota Graduate

Prison Letters was so beautifully written and full of spiritual messages. I picked it up at just the right time.

Susan Bond, Educator and Master's Degree at San Diego State University


This book is for anyone who likes authenticity. Vera makes you feel like you’re a fly on the wall in every story.

-Anthony Baker, Account Director at Education Transformation


If you are grieving a loved one, this book will definitely hit home and will make you realize that you aren’t the only one coping with a loss.

-Anahi Guy, Business Development Manager for AT&T


Vera made a promise to deliver, to which she more than succeeded with her first novel.  This salute to Nando will instill the importance of family values in all those who journey through its pages.

-Giovanni Mazzarella, College Student


“Buy this book and enjoy portal into the life of a Chicano family’s triumphs and tragedies.”

-Montserrat Ortiz, Muralist/Artist, College Student

Vera’s voice is strong through to the end. The text of the prison letters is remarkably profound and insightful, giving the reader a rare view into the life of Fernando.

~Frances Reeder, Retired Teacher at Rowland Unified School District