Vera Sanchez , Award Winning Author


About “Prison Letters”

Book Cover of Prison Letters: Walking to Honor“Prison Letters: Walking to Honor” depicts two cousins, Fernando and Vera,  two inner city kids growing up together in San Diego.  Through Vera’s stories and Fernando’s letters, the reader experiences the tales of an undefeated football team, a horrid sprained ankle, a bloody head, a Super Bowl party, a dysfunctional family, and a police visit that leads to the beginning of Fernando’s troubles.  Like a young minority, Fernando is drawn to the dark side and is sentenced to five years in prison for possession of drugs.  While he spends time in prison, he reminisces about his troubles, family life, hardships, regrets, dreams, and forgiveness, while growing into the man Vera knew be could be.  In the end, he promises to leave the lifestyle that cost him his freedom, but can his best intentions survive his past.  The book is a tribute to beloved Fernando.  It combines childhood memories with prison letters that will touch the reader in a way no book ever has.
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